We have been making pies here in Yorkshire since 1945 so we like to think we know a thing or two about what makes a good pie.


We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a “reet” good tasty pie which is why we decided to launch Snap Pies – our range of plant-based pies that can be enjoyed by everyone, including  those following a vegan diet.



When developing the range, we wanted to make sure that we kept the same values that we have lived and breathed for the last 75 years which are:

  • All our products are handmade
  • Although our inspiration and spices for our recipes can come from much further afield, we use local ingredients– all our suppliers are within a 30miles radius and our vegetables a 2mile radius
  • Sustainability – we take care to only partner with ethical suppliers
  • We pride ourselves on our service and reliability
  • Flexibility and innovation

The pastry – which many would say defines what makes a great pie – is made with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, delivering a deliciously short pastry that melts in the mouth!

But we believe the fillings are equally as important – none of that false meat for our Snap Pies!

We love our veg and have created exotic innovative fillings made from local veg that we believe deliver the Best Plant Based Pie you can Buy!  We challenge you to try them!



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